Core Services

Outsourced Executive Services

Ever have a need for a co-founder or a partner? Wish you had someone else to share the load of building your business? Without giving away equity, I can meet those same needs for you with an in-house entrepreneur residency or short term consultancy.  Whether its Operations, Sales or Marketing support, I am here to support your needs and make you successful!


Marketing & Advertising

How do I reach customers and attract them to our services or products? What is A/B testing and how can I best use email marketing? How do I create content that is relevant to our offering? I know what questions to ask and how to find the answers that drive your business.

Audiences and Customers

I am an expert at identifying target customers. I leverage focus groups, online polling and other market test tools to drive campaigns that target your customers with the right messages. Qualitative and quantitative research is key to understanding and reaching your audience. 


Do you have a concept, an idea or a working prototype that you want to present to the masses? I can help you create, develop and execute a crowdfunding campaign. My first campaign achieved it’s funding goal in 3 days and after 30 days generated over 425% of goal, putting the campaign in the top 10% of all Indiegogo campaigns that year.

go-to-market strategy

How you present your brand to the market out of the gate is important. I can help you craft and execute a soft or hard launch, identifying the pros and cons of each related to your business. I can help you strategize, develop and execute your go-to-market strategy.

Advertising Campaigns

Advertising is essentially the act of putting your product or services in front of potential customers. I can help you set-up goals, targets and execute advertising campaigns, both paid and organic, that helps you reach your ideal end consumer and achieves a healthy ROI.

Brand Development

Standing out in the crowd is important. Being known for something amazing can be extremely hard. Your brand and brand story will help you achieve that goal. I am an expert at creating and building a brand across multiple industries from skincare to dog tech. What do you want your brand to say?

Not seeing the specific services you need?
No problem, just let me know what your immediate needs are and we can discuss how I can help!

Business Start-up

First time running a business or maybe it's growing faster than you can handle? I can help you cross all your t's and dot all your i's to help you get started and scale with your best foot forward. Whatever your start-up need, I can help you meet it. Here are some of the more common services clients are interested in:

Web / App Design & Development

We live in a digital age and I think mobile first. Every business needs a presence, but every business needs a unique presence to stand out. My team can build you something based on your budget that will stand out and help you capture customers.

OPERATIONS and Team building

Your focus is on driving the vision and mission of your company with your team. But what if you needed help to run the operations and/or identify key roles and the team members to fill them. I can help you build your team and create the culture that is important to you. 


The success of most entrepreneurs is because  they are able to delegate out tasks that are time consuming and not related to their core role and skill set. Outsourcing is the key to providing services and developing product as if you had a team of hundreds of employees, without the overhead of FTE's. Get more done faster with outsourcing. As experts in outsourcing for over 15 years, I can build and manage your entire outsourcing team for you.

Business PlanNING

General contractors build houses using blueprints. Entrepreneurs build companies with business plans. I'll help you look at all the angles of your business and help you flush out what is the best path forward. A business plan is a living document that helps you effectively run your business. It is also a great tool when pitching investors.

Customer Service Knowledge Management

If you don't know this already, you will learn that customers are always first. You need customers to offer your services and/or products or you won't be in business very long. So invest time and energy into your customer service. I can help you efficiently use technology to help you set up and operate a successful customer service experience that will help you grow your customer base and entice them to come back for more time and time again!